Research Ops

Confused about this new fangled 'Research Ops' thing? 

With the growth of iterative user centred design practices and tactical user research at scale, larger user research teams have become more common place. Companies are looking for ways to support their researchers and enable them to work more effectively. Tech giants are leading the way and investing in an ecosystem to support researchers. This new layer in the UX organisation is being called ‘Research Ops’. 

Research Ops is such a new area that it’s still being defined but the role includes areas such as user recruitment and management, data management, infrastructure, tools, training, communication of research, governance and ethics. 

Operations is not a new thing in the Market Research Industry but Research Ops is the newest kid on the block in the UX Industry, following on from Dev Ops and Design Ops. The difference with User Research Ops is that it's predominantly something in-house teams are concerned with as opposed to a Market Research agency function. 

But what does it means for your organisation? 

A global community of practice recently formed around User Research Ops, instigated by Kate Towsey. I'm part of a core group of the community focused on understanding and defining Research Ops, facilitating conversations and undertaking research. We are sharing our findings via Medium and speaking at events and conferences.   

What is Research Ops? Research Ops workshop in Bristol
What is Research Ops? Research Ops workshop in Bristol

If you'd like to find out more about Research Ops and how it might benefit your organisation, get in touch.